How to use

All our double sided veiners can be used with both gum paste (flower paste) or cold porcelain (air drying paste) After using the veiners with cold porcelain the veiners should be washed before using with gum paste as cold porcelain is non edible.

Before using the veiners you should lightly dust them with cornstarch to avoid sticking of the paste to the veiners The use of vegetable fat such as crisco or trex is also possible but your veiners will end up being greasy and when dusting after veining the dust will not spread evenly.

Using the centre moulds:
First dust the centre mould with cornstarch. Press your paste into the mould. Place a gauge wire with fresh egg white or wood glue (for cold porcelain) into the paste. Now place the mould into the freezer and let harden. Once hardened, about 30 minutes, take it out of the freezer and immediately pull the wire with the paste out of the centre mould. It should come out very detailed. It will be sticky so simply let it air dry, before completely dry trim the bottom edges and dust.

No matching cutters?
Simply place your paste between the 2 veiners and press. Take the paste from the veiners and with a tracing wheel cut along the outer line. With a fine pair of scissors neatly trim the edges. Again place between the veiners and press to regain the nice details of the veiner

If you have any questions in connection with our templates, please feel free to contact us.